Company F Monument

Certain projects hold significant impact and this is one of them. My father, an original member of the Army Action Committee and Medina Sandstone Society, suggested they build a long-overdue monument to honor the soldiers from the Medina Armory’s Company F since 1898. He commissioned me (as payback for recruiting him to do construction on my house) to design the plaques bearing over 500 local soldiers’ names from generations past, the Medina Armory website, branding and merchandising. It taught me so much about our history, dedication and war’s impact on a community.

Creating a Masterpiece
Bill Menz & John Fuller Assemble the Monument
Monument Building Team
Glass Plaque dedicated to my Dad
Featuring image of soldiers in appreciation of my father's dedication to their honor
World War II Vet looking for familiar names
Close-up of Company F WWII Plaque
A WWII Veteran's Widow
Company F Monument Logo representing the 5-sided sandstone monument
Co. F design printed on merchandise